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Press Release
February 25, 2016

Collins fights against overregulation, decries job killing burdens

Yesterday, Congressman Doug Collins spoke in a hearing by the House Judiciary Committee on “Triple Threat to Workers and Households: Impacts of Federal Regulations on Jobs, Wages, and Startups.”
Press Release
February 24, 2016

Collins: The Muslim Brotherhood Must be Stopped

The House Judiciary Committee held a markup of the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act of 2015, a bill that directs the State Department to report to Congress within 60 days whether the Muslim Brotherhood meets the criteria to be designated as a foreign terrorist organization.
Press Release
February 24, 2016

Collins, Kilmer Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Stop the Outsourcing of American Jobs

The legislation would stop employers that are awarded temporary visas through the H-1B program from using them to train workers in the United States then move those jobs to another country.
Press Release
February 22, 2016

Collins and Loebsack call for Transparency in Prescription Drug Pricing

Congressman Collins sent a letter to the Energy and Commerce, Ways and Means, and Armed Services Committees to renew the call for transparency in the pricing of generic prescription drugs dispensed under Medicare Part D, FEHBP and DoD TRICARE.
February 18, 2016

Congressman Collins Statement on FCC vote to regulate TV set-top boxes

"I urge the FCC to proceed with caution and collaborate with stakeholders and Congress before moving any further on this proposal."
Press Release
February 17, 2016

Lawmakers weigh in on FCC set-top box changes

The plan would give users more flexibility in choosing their set-top box, and last week has seen a flurry of letters from members of Congress both supporting the plan and urging the commission to move cautiously.