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Press Release
July 13, 2016

Collins Bill Rolls Back Postal Service Overreach, Provides Relief to Locals

Congressman Collins introduced H.R. 5750, The Common Sense Postal Delivery Restoration Act to ensure that homes that were eligible to receive mail prior to the new postal rules will still be able to receive mail.
Press Release
July 8, 2016

House Passes Opioid Crisis Response Package

"No community is immune from addiction, and the pain and suffering that it brings to families."
July 7, 2016

Collins: Director Comey Can't Justify His Decision

"No amount of explanation today can justify the FBI’s obvious misstep, and I continue to call for Director Comey to reverse his decision and for the Department of Justice to reopen the case against Secretary Clinton.” 
July 7, 2016

Collins Statement on Lula Bridge Victory

“As a result of these negotiations, this historic landmark will be preserved, and maintained to ensure the safety of the community and the efficiency of the railroad."
Press Release
July 6, 2016

Collins: Veterans Treatment Courts Help Combat Opioid Epidemic

Congressman Collins spoke during today’s meeting on the importance of including veterans treatment courts in the plan to stem the tide of opioid abuse in America.
Press Release
July 5, 2016

Collins: Justice has not Been Served in Clinton Email Case

The FBI recommended against pressing charges against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after she mishandled classified information and stored it on her personal home email server.