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Press Release
October 3, 2017

Collins Helps Pass Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

“Every liberty that my colleagues and I fight for is predicated on our right to life, and this bill ensures that unborn, pain-capable individuals enjoy this most basic of our American freedoms."
September 28, 2017

Reinventing Washington's Broken Budget Process

"While there is a discussion to have about the specifics of a new budget process, these principles are a crucial starting point. It’s also important to recognize that there is bipartisan agreement that the status quo is not working."
September 27, 2017

Liberals shun science, defy Obama in poultry production

"These critics say that faster line speeds would force workers on those lines to dismember chickens at dangerous rates. The geography of the production process, however, makes their claim disingenuous."
Press Release
September 26, 2017

Collins Introduces Bill to Rename Clermont Post Office

"Northeast Georgia is proud of his legacy, and I’m honored to be part of helping that legacy live on as the Zack T. Addington Post Office in Clermont."
September 25, 2017

Collins Statement on Respecting the National Anthem

"I’m grateful to stand for an American flag that welcomes diversity and promotes unity more deeply than any jersey has ever done.”
Press Release
September 18, 2017

Collins Meets with White House to Discuss Prison Reform

As part of the small group of elected officials invited to offer legislative solutions, Collins said that Washington owes it to Americans to make progress on the issue.