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November 9, 2017

Collins Statement on Chairman Goodlatte's Retirement

"I continue to appreciate the example he has set and look forward to working with him on the ambitious agenda he’s laid out for the 115th Congress."
Press Release
November 6, 2017

House tax reform plan focuses on US workers

"The legislation the House has introduced focuses on replacing America’s labyrinth of a tax code with a plan driven by fairness, simplicity and opportunity."
Press Release
November 3, 2017

Collins Votes to Extend CHIP and Protect DSH Resources

The Championing Healthy Kids Act, H.R. 3922, uses offsets to fund CHIP and programs like community health centers while eliminating $5 billion in scheduled cuts to Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospitals (DSH).
Press Release
November 2, 2017

Collins Helps House Pass Bill to Protect Medicare Access

"Concentrating such power in the hands of a few bureaucrats risks our neighbors’ access to care, and the Protecting Seniors’ Access to Medicare Act would correct this flaw by repealing the IPAB. "
October 26, 2017

Collins Statement on House Passage of Senate Budget

"Americans are asking for a transparent system that allows them to keep more of their money to pursue more of their dreams, and we’re fighting for those goals alongside our neighbors each day.”
Press Release
October 25, 2017

House Passes Collins Bill to Stop Sue-and-Settle Abuse

The Sunshine Act inhibits the ability of federal agencies to participate in back-door sue-and-settle arrangements with special interest groups, which circumvent established regulatory processes.