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Press Release
October 5, 2018

Collins fights to make Elberton post office handicap accessible

"I am deeply concerned that barriers to access at the Elberton Post Office persist a year after my office raised concerns on behalf of Elberton residents, and I encourage the Postal Service to prioritize the accessibility of its public facilities across the nation."
Press Release
September 28, 2018

Collins’ bill passes House as part of opioid package

"Today’s vote and the inclusion of the Substance Abuse Prevention Act in the final bill reflects bicameral commitment to equipping families, victims and law enforcement with resources crucial to combating this epidemic."
Press Release
September 26, 2018

Collins’ bill included in bicameral opioid relief package

“Families in Northeast Georgia and across the nation have suffered deeply under the opioid crisis, and the House continues to respond thoughtfully and thoroughly."
Press Release
September 25, 2018

House sends Music Modernization Act for president’s signature

"It has been an honor to work alongside songwriters, publishers, digital streamers, broadcasters, artists and fellow lawmakers to make the music licensing landscape fairer and freer for everyone who’s ever loved a song."
Press Release
September 25, 2018

Collins joins Nadler, Hatch and Leahy to introduce bipartisan, bicameral American Royalties Too Act

“American artists should be rewarded, not penalized, for the uniqueness of their work. The ART Act would allow visual artists to reap the benefits of their talent and labor on a playing field that’s finally level with other countries’."
September 7, 2018

Collins statement on Atlanta cutting ties with ICE

"State and local leaders who refuse to cooperate with federal law enforcement or keep criminals behind bars make innocent Georgians more vulnerable. When other states look to Atlanta, they should see a city anchored to promoting the welfare of its citizens, not eroding public safety.”