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Press Release
September 18, 2017

Collins Meets with White House to Discuss Prison Reform

As part of the small group of elected officials invited to offer legislative solutions, Collins said that Washington owes it to Americans to make progress on the issue.
September 14, 2017

Collins Statement on Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act

"Thoughtful immigration legislation should uphold the rule of law, protect our communities and elevate the dignity of every person, and this bill furthers each of these goals.”
Press Release
September 12, 2017

Collins Speaks to Northeast Georgia in Wake of Hurricane Irma

"First responders remain active in promoting safety, and hardworking men and women are bringing power back to northeast Georgia homes."
Press Release
September 12, 2017

Collins Introduces Bill to Update International Privacy Law for the Cloud

"Thirty years after Congress passed the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, America needs statutes that address information security in an increasingly digital and global age."
September 8, 2017

Collins Statement on Debt Ceiling Vote

"Today’s bill yoked Harvey relief to fiscal irresponsibility, attaching it to a debt ceiling raise that does not serve America’s future or her people and a continuing resolution that does not provide our military with much-needed resources."
Press Release
September 5, 2017

Collins Supports Bill to Curb Civil Asset Seizure by IRS

In 2013, the IRS seized Clyde’s bank account without charging him with any crime. Collins has worked to draw attention to the IRS’s abuse of power through civil asset forfeiture.