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Press Release
July 24, 2017

Collins Introduces Redemption Act as Next Step in Criminal Justice Reform

“Many of America’s federal prisoners will be released eventually, and this bill would help the Department of Justice to provide these men and women with the support they need to become productive neighbors."
Press Release
July 14, 2017

Collins Votes to Strengthen National Defense

The National Defense Authorization Act funds the continued fight against ISIS and other terrorist organizations and invests in ballistic missile defense systems to defend the homeland, U.S. territories, and allies against North Korean threats.
Press Release
July 12, 2017

Collins' Sunshine Bill Passes Judiciary Committee

“It’s past time to inject transparency into the relationship between federal agencies and special interest groups who have improperly used lawsuits to influence the regulatory landscape."
Press Release
July 11, 2017

Collins Urges Religious Liberty in Sudan

"The United States has long been a champion of religious freedom around the world, and we should hold Sudan accountable for its unacceptable targeting of Christian churches and religious minorities."
Press Release
July 1, 2017


"When localities ignore immigration statutes, they choose to put the interests of criminal aliens above the wellbeing of our citizens."
Press Release
June 22, 2017

House Republicans Hit Record Prodcutivity In Work With Trump Administration

"We have an active president who is eager to work with lawmakers, and the House remains motivated to enact the conservative reforms the American people elected us to champion."