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Press Release
September 12, 2017

Collins Introduces Bill to Update International Privacy Law for the Cloud

"Thirty years after Congress passed the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, America needs statutes that address information security in an increasingly digital and global age."
Press Release
September 5, 2017

Collins Supports Bill to Curb Civil Asset Seizure by IRS

In 2013, the IRS seized Clyde’s bank account without charging him with any crime. Collins has worked to draw attention to the IRS’s abuse of power through civil asset forfeiture.
Press Release
August 23, 2017

Companies Use Defend Trade Secrets Act to Combat Economic Espionage

"Innovation fuels our economy, and we can’t allow bad actors at home or abroad to appropriate the trade secrets of hardworking Americans."
Press Release
August 22, 2017

Collins Advocates for Strong Intellectual Property Rights in NAFTA Renegotiations

"American exclusive rights should be treated as such—exclusive rights— and enforced as such, with only narrow exceptions to those rights by our trading partners, not the other way around."
Press Release
July 28, 2017

Collins Praises Corps for Heeding Public Input

"My chief concern is that residents near Lakes Lanier and Hartwell have a platform for communicating their interests to the Corps, and we continue to make progress on this front."
Press Release
July 27, 2017

Collins Votes to Make America Secure, Fund Border Wall

The Make America Secure Appropriations Act includes a 2.4% raise for military members, increases funding levels for the Department of Veterans Affairs and provides $1.57 billion in funding for a border wall.