Northeast Georgia Manufacturer Responds to Tax Reform with Bonuses

Feb 9, 2018
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) welcomed the announcement that Stephens County’s CMC is awarding bonuses in response to conservative tax reform, which President Trump signed into law last December. Collins joined the president in advocating for the tax reform package that is lowering taxes and increasing paychecks for American families.

“Seeing northeast Georgians continue to benefit from tax reform underscores how important it is for government to get out of the way and allow Americans to write their own success stories. CMC reminds us that pro-business policies are ultimately pro-worker policies. I applaud this Toccoa company for investing in our community, for turning its tax advantage into an extra paycheck for its hardworking employees,” said Collins.

According to company leadership this week, CMC of Georgia, Inc. joined the growing list of companies taking advantage of the increasing optimism for America’s manufacturing climate. The firm is awarding bonuses of up-to $1,000 to their employees as a result of the pro-business climate fostered by Republicans. According to Bob Conklin, VP of Sales and Director of Operations at CMC, the bonus amounts reflect employees’ length of service in 2017, with even employees hired in June of 2017 receiving $500 bonuses.

“The Congress and President Trump have chosen to once again emphasize American manufacturing. With this focus, we are seeing a brighter future for growth and investment,” CMC President Mathew Marty told employees in a letter. “We are thrilled to see the beginning of growth in the economy and the return of our manufacturing jobs and businesses . . . Here’s to our shared success in 2018.”

CMC of Georgia, Inc. is headquartered in Stephens County and is a custom metal fabricator. Its products range from operator cabs found on overhead cranes to the cabs found on de-icer vehicles used at airports like Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson.

Georgia companies that have increased employee benefits as a response to tax reform include Home Depot, Aflac, Mincey Marble, Suntrust and Yancey Bros., among others.