Collins Visits the Habersham County Sheriff's Office

Mar 9, 2016
Press Release


WASHINGTON– Yesterday, Congressman Doug Collins visited the Habersham County Sheriff’s office to discuss local law enforcement issues. After the visit, Congressman Collins issued the following statement:

“As the son of  Georgia State trooper, I have always had an admiration for the commitment law enforcement officers make to their communities. They face many challenges, and often have to confront the dark side of what is happening in our towns and counties, but are consistently resilient and still have a desire to serve. In Congress, I have worked to pursue reforms to our criminal justice system so that police officers have access to additional training on how to deal with those in a mental health crisis, more resources for corrections officers, and programs to reduce recidivism, investing in safer communities in the long term. I thank Habersham County Sheriff Joey Terrell for his leadership, and I appreciate him inviting me to spend an afternoon with our local law enforcement.”