Collins "Checks Out" Life Behind the RaceTrac Counter

Apr 6, 2016
Press Release


GAINESVILLE, Ga. – Today, Congressman Doug Collins visited a RaceTrac location on Cornelia Highway in Gainesville. During the visit, the Congressman participated in clerk training and worked behind the counter. Interacting with employees and customers, he experienced firsthand the economic opportunity and wide range of products and services convenience stores provide to the public. RaceTrac employees took the Congressman on a tour of the store and discussed the important role stores like these play in the community. After the event, Congressman Collins made the following statement:

“I appreciate RaceTrac letting me spend part of my day working behind their counter. It was great to interact with folks stopping in to buy gas or get a cup of coffee. I learned a lot during my training, and got a firsthand look at how hard these employees work. Convenience stores create jobs and provide many essential products that we use in our day-to-day lives – some of which you can’t easily get somewhere else if you live in a rural area. In an economy where every single job created is a victory for the community, I want to thank RaceTrac leadership and employees for taking the time to show me around and talk about some of the issues facing people who live and work in Northeast Georgia.”