Collins Visits Independent Pharmacy in Lakewood, Ohio

Jul 18, 2016

WASHINGTON– Today, Congressman Collins visited Discount Drug Mart, a community pharmacy in Lakewood, Ohio. Discount Drug Mart opened in 1969 and operates 73 stores in over 20 counties throughout Ohio, and fills over 5.3 million prescriptions per year. Congressman Collins, a longtime champion for independent and community pharmacies, released the following statement after the visit:

“Local pharmacies across the United States are often the first places we turn when loved ones fall ill. Community pharmacists know their clients personally and their strong relationships with patients allow them to provide personalized and quality care. However, community pharmacies are currently under attack by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs).”

Congressman Collins also pointed to the necessity of H.R. 244, the MAC Transparency Act, to help remedy the anti-competitive practices of PBMs:

“PBMs regularly reimburse pharmacies well below their cost to acquire and dispense generic prescription drugs, killing community pharmacies’ profit margins. Community pharmacies do not have the resources of big chains like CVS or Walgreens - they can only stock what they can afford. I have authored the MAC (Maximum Allowable Cost) Transparency Act to increase the transparency of reimbursements, ensure that community pharmacies can stay in business, and provide patients with a choice to receive care from the community pharmacists that know them best. I want to thank the staff at Discount Drug Mart in Lakewood, Ohio, for taking the time to talk with me today and show me around the pharmacy they work hard to keep running, despite the challenges their team faces every day to serve their customers.”