Collins Talks Congress with West Hall High School

Jan 11, 2017
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Congressman Doug Collins spent this morning talking with students from West Hall High School in Oakwood, Georgia. In an extended video phone call, students made the most of the opportunity to ask Congressman Collins questions on topics ranging from his legislative goals to foreign relations.

When asked about his committee assignments, the Congressman explained the roles of both the House Judiciary and Rules Committees to history students at West Hall, which segued into a discussion of what inspired Collins to become a member of Congress.

“One of my biggest impacts on becoming a Congressman was actually my dad,” Collins said, adding “The idea of service and giving back to the community is something that I believe is very important.”

Congressman Collins also took time to highlight the impact these young people can have on northeast Georgia and the nation.

“Find out the truth, research it, be a part of that solution, and just remember that your brightest days are ahead,” said the Congressman.

An ardent advocate for creative rights and music-lover, Collins ended the call by connecting with a student in the front row, saying, “One quick shout out before we [go]: The MTV classic t-shirt in the front—you’re bringing back old times for me.”