Collins Statement on Democrats’ Police Reform Bill

Jun 25, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC — Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) released the following statement after voting against House Democrats’ police reform bill.

“Americans of good conscience can all agree on the need for Congress to come together to seek justice for George Floyd and the many other lives lost. But today’s bill is not about justice – it’s just another thinly veiled Democrat attempt to look like they are getting something done when we all know this bill will never become law.

“In times like these, the American people expect Congress to come together and seek solutions for the people they represent. But rather than working across the aisle to draft bipartisan legislation, House Democrats chose to draft a bill behind closed doors and then failed to allow a single Republican amendment. Rather than working to amend Senator Tim Scott’s JUSTICE Act, Senate Democrats blocked the bill from moving forward.

“Last Congress, I worked hand-in-hand with President Trump and my Democrat colleagues to bring communities and law enforcement together to achieve historic criminal justice reform. The First Step Act demonstrated the power of what we can accomplish when we reach across the aisle, but in order to achieve real solutions, both sides need to come to the table.

“I’m calling on my Democrat colleagues to stop the obstruction and work across the aisle to keep our communities safe. The American people deserve better than partisan messaging bills.”