Collins Pushes for Congress to Extend Hyde Amendment Protections

Jun 5, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON — Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) today joined his colleagues in urging Congressional leadership to extend Hyde Amendment protections as Congress works to address the needs of millions of Americans who have lost their health care coverage due to this pandemic.

“It is imperative that we demonstrate to the American people that we are listening to them and producing legislation that is reflective of their views,” they wrote. “More importantly, by establishing Hyde amendment protections, we are demonstrating that Congress is working to save every life, no matter how small, in this pandemic.” 

Despite the longstanding support for preventing federal funding from being used to fund abortion, there are already efforts underway to undercut and bypass these long-held protections in the Hyde Amendment.

“The respect for life is one of the founding principles of both our nation and our health care system,” they continued. “No system that subsidizes abortions can be said to fully live up to that principle.” 

Earlier this year, Collins joined a number of his colleagues in introducing the Protecting Life in Crisis Act to prohibit any federal COVID-19 response funds from going towards abortions or abortion coverage by extending existing Hyde Amendment protections to any COVID-19-related health care provisions. This legislation also prevents federal tax credits from being used to cover any post-employment health care (COBRA) premiums that include abortion coverage.