Collins Previews Barr Hearing on America’s Newsroom: It’s time to set the record straight

Jul 28, 2020
Press Release

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) today joined America’s Newsroom on Fox News Channel to preview today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Bill Barr.

During the interview, Collins called out Democrats for their repeated attacks on Attorney General Barr and their neglect of the lawlessness and violence occurring in cities across the nation.

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On Chairman Nadler claiming Antifa in Portland is a “myth”:​

“[Attacking Bill Barr] has become an obsession [for] Chairman Nadler and Speaker Pelosi and others for the last nineteen months. We’ve seen attack after attack after attack. [Meanwhile], they ignore the obvious – the thugs, Antifa, and other groups going after our federal facilities in Portland. We’ve seen it in Seattle. We’ve unfortunately seen it in Atlanta with the ICE facility this weekend."​

"Lawlessness has to stop… Democrats are going to have to figure out why they support this anarchist activity over law and order."​

On Democrats’ approach to today’s hearing:​

"[Democrats] have tried so many times just to throw everything at the wall to get at Bill Barr, to get at the President. And we’re going to see more of it today. It’s really a pathetic sight."

"They tried in the Mueller investigation and failed. They tried in the show-hearings last year, bringing in John Dean... I think they’re going to try everything they can today to score political points."​

"Unfortunately, it seems like Jerry Nadler is more concerned about being a political arm in the Judiciary Committee for the DNC than he is actually being a chairman of the committee."​

On Democrat attacks on Attorney General Bill Barr’s credibility:​

"[Attorney General Barr] has been attacked, he has been brutally mischaracterized, he has been lied about… it’s time to set the record straight. It’s time that House Judiciary Committee Democrats come face-to-face with reality."

"At the end of the day, Bill Barr is going to give the truth. And Democrats are not going to like it."​

On Republican priorities for today’s hearing:​

"I want to make sure we’re continuing… to find the real solutions behind the Russia hoax, behind the corruption of [James] Comey, [Peter] Strzok, [Andrew] McCabe, the Crossfire Hurricane investigation… that Bill Barr is continuing to make sure that the FBI and DOJ are not political arms as they were under the Obama-Biden Administration."​

"I also want to make sure [Attorney General Barr] is responding to Portland and other places so we can protect our cities. When mayors and governors fail to protect their citizens, we need to know that President Trump and Bill Barr will.”​