Collins Honors Governor Nathan Deal on House Floor

Jan 16, 2019
Press Release

WASHINGTON—Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) spoke on the House Floor to honor former Georgia Governor Nathan Deal for his leadership over the last eight years. 

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“…You saw him leaving the Capitol for the last time, arm and arm with his beloved Sandra. That’s the way they have governed for the last eight years.”

“Nathan Deal has brought a sense of accomplishment. He has brought a sense of pride… he took the interest of Georgia to heart in everything that he did.” 

“Last Congress we were able to work on criminal justice along with this President and this Administration, but in many ways it would not have happened up here if it had not been for Governor Nathan Deal. When he went to Georgia he began to look at our criminal justice system. He began to look at how we were treating those who needed a second chance, who needed hope."
"Nathan Deal took a stand, and Georgia has become an international leader in how we deal with our criminal justice system, and how we take care of those individuals. We have seen crime rates decrease. We have seen families put back together. We have seen a better Georgia.”

“He's never been afraid to do the hard work, to not take the claim or the glory. He just got the job done. As Governor, he raised civil discourse in Georgia. He made people think, and he made our state better.”

“Yesterday as I saw the picture of Governor Deal and Sandra arm in arm, I could not help but think how this man has touched so many lives – including my own – with phone calls, with encouragement to be a better person, and also in our case, to be a better state.”

“Georgia has been honored to have Nathan Deal as Governor for the last eight years. We're looking forward to a new Administration with Brian Kemp. But I will have to say, those shoes are big. Governor Deal, you did us proud.”