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Press Release
September 21, 2020

Fox News: Rep. Doug Collins to introduce constitutional amendment to prohibit Supreme Court packing

’We can protect our nation’s highest court from becoming a political football,’ Collins said

Press Release
September 18, 2020

Collins Calls on the Justice Department to Prosecute Netflix for Distributing Child Pornography

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) joined Rep.

Press Release
September 17, 2020

Collins on the House Floor: House Democrats Refusing to Acknowledge China’s Role in the Pandemic

Calls H. Res. 908 another “blatantly political attempt to take down this President"

Press Release
September 15, 2020

Collins Requests Data from Apple After Reports of Mueller Team Wiping iPhones


Press Release
September 15, 2020

Fox Business: Rep. Collins presses Apple for information on wiping iPhone data amid Mueller team controversy

DOJ records show dozens of phones belonging to Mueller’s team were wiped of information 

Brooke Singman
Fox Business
September 15, 2020

Press Release
September 3, 2020

Collins Urges FDA to Classify “Abortion on Demand” Pill as “Hazard to Public Health”

WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.) today joined Rep.