Federal Budget & Spending

Currently, the federal government is spending far more than it takes in, and the result is a national debt of more than $20 trillion. In order to strengthen our economy and encourage job growth, we must rein in government spending, reform entitlement programs, reduce costly red tape, and cut out waste and fraud in government programs.

It’s time for Congress to make fundamental improvements to our federal budgeting process. A constitutional amendment requiring Congress to adopt a balanced budget is a good way to accomplish this, and I have co-sponsored a bill to send such an amendment to the states to ratify. Requiring Congress to pass a balanced budget—rather than sink Americans deeper into national debt with each fiscal year—remains a necessary and commonsense step toward strengthening our economy and global position for future generations.

As a former small business owner, I understand the hard work that starting, running, and expanding a small business demands. These enterprises bring jobs, growth, and opportunity to Americans, and Congress should strive to implement policies that shore up such cornerstones of our economy. To that end, I continue to advocate for small businesses as well as cuts in wasteful spending, reducing our national debt, and long-term fiscal responsibility.

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