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Northeast Georgia is home to a thriving agriculture industry and hardworking farmers, ranchers, growers, and processors who contribute to America’s economy and our communities. In our corner of the state, more than 10,000 farm operators grow products from peaches to cattle, chicken to strawberries, and many need relief from burdensome federal regulations.


High-speed internet access has become a prerequisite for economic growth in America, yet communities in northeast Georgia too often lack meaningful access to broadband services. As long as some internet providers accept federal dollars yet underserve the areas they’re supposed to invest in, Congress should exercise oversight over the taxpayer funds meant to help bring broadband to our communities.
Constitutional Liberties

Constitutional Liberties

We must respect the Constitution and the God-given rights it protects. As political hostility towards the Bill of Rights—particularly the right to bear arms and religious liberty—increases, Congress has a responsibility to uphold the Constitution and fight for the values upon which America was established.
Corps of Engineers

Corps of Engineers

Georgia’s Ninth District is blessed with rich resources, including four lakes managed by the Army Corps of Engineers. These lakes provide residents and visitors with an array of opportunities. Serving northeast Georgia means engaging with the Corps of Engineers to implement policies that work for our unique communities.

Criminal Justice Reform

An effective criminal justice system is an essential part of a safe and just society. We must hold those who break the law accountable, but we must also pursue justice in a way that is compassionate, sensible, and fair.

Defense & National Security

Congress has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the United States and to protect our interests at home and abroad. As an active member of the U.S. Air Force Reserve, I understand how imperative it is that we maintain the national security of the United States. We must equip our nation’s armed forces with the resources they need to keep Americans safe.
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Too often, the federal government takes a top-down approach to education. Decisions about education should not rest in the hands of unelected bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. I support efforts that put more decisions back into the hands of parents, teachers, and state and local officials instead of federal bureaucrats.
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Federal Budget & Spending

Currently, the federal government is spending far more than it takes in, and the result is a national debt of more than $20 trillion. In order to strengthen our economy and encourage job growth, we must rein in government spending, reform entitlement programs, reduce costly red tape, and cut out waste and fraud in government programs.
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Foreign Policy

The United States is a beacon of hope and democracy in the world. We have a responsibility to exercise responsible foreign policy that protects American interests and promotes American ideals abroad.
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Health Care

Americans need a health care system that provides them affordable access to effective care, and the Affordable Care Act is failing to achieve this. Instead of government mandates, we need free-market solutions that bring our hardworking neighbors choices of insurance providers, coverage options, physicians, and cost structures.
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America boasts one of the most generous legal immigration systems in the world. As we address the problem of illegal immigration, we must begin by enforcing the laws already in place and enacting smarter immigration policies that protect all Americans.

Medicare & Social Security

Georgians should be able to count on the Social Security and Medicare benefits for which they’ve worked. However, the current structures of these programs are unsustainable.

Orphan Counties

Rural communities in northeast Georgia rely on local programming to stay aware of local news and weather. However, four counties in the Ninth District of Georgia—Stephens, Elbert, Hart, and Franklin—are considered “orphan counties” because they receive satellite programming based in South Carolina rather than their home state.

Protecting Life

Every person has dignity, value, and a right to life, including the most vulnerable members of our society. We share a universal duty to protect the lives of unborn children as we foster hope and opportunity for all Americans.

Regulatory Reform

In recent years, federal bureaucracy has made over-regulation the norm. Meanwhile, hardworking Americans across the country suffer under the growing burden of misguided red tape. Congress needs to enact permanent reforms to the regulatory process to check executive agencies that have failed to hold themselves accountable.

Religious Liberty

As a pastor and a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force Reserve, I understand that the First Amendment guards the personal exercise of faith. We cannot become weary in fighting to protect Americans’ religious liberty.
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Second Amendment

The Bill of Rights provides us with the freedom to keep and bear arms, and we must continue to uphold and safeguard the Second Amendment.
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Tax Reform

America's tax code has grown complex and burdensome. Hardworking Americans and job creators deserve relief from the demands of a bloated government, and conservative tax reform can help reignite our economy and leave our citizens with more of their own money to pursue their goals on their terms.
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Our nation must provide its military members, veterans, and their families with the benefits they’ve earned serving their fellow Americans. This means ensuring that the VA undergoes meaningful reform at a variety of levels.