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  • Collins Meets with White House to Discuss Prison Reform

    "President Trump's commitment to making our communities safer has been unwavering, and the White House's recent meeting about prison reform indicates how committed the administration is to moving us forward. The Prison Reform and Redemption Act paves the way for healthier people to build stronger, safer neighborhoods at a time when Congress and the White House have the opportunity to be agents of positive change in this space,"said Collins.

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  • Collins Statement on Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act

    "There's no question that gangs have blighted too many American communities and no doubt that the Criminal Alien Gang Member Removal Act will help law enforcement make progress in combatting violent transnational gangs. The House passed a bill today that would empower immigration officials to deport illegal alien members of such gangs operating on our streets," said Collins.

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  • Collins Speaks to Northeast Georgia in Wake of Hurricane Irma

    "As our communities begin to recover from Hurricane Irma, I encourage my neighbors to follow guidance provided by the Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency. First responders remain active in promoting safety, and hardworking men and women are bringing power back to northeast Georgia homes. The victims of Hurricane Irma continue to fill my thoughts and prayers," said Collins.

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  • Collins Introduces Bill to Update International Privacy Law for the Cloud

    "Thirty years after Congress passed the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, America needs statutes that address information security in an increasingly digital and global age. The International Communications Privacy Act will increase the effectiveness of American law enforcement and the privacy protections of U.S. citizens by correcting the legal ambiguity that has threatened both in recent years. Support for ICPA is growing, and the courts have made it clear that the time for Congress to act in this space has come. I'm grateful to Senator Hatch for his leadership on this issue and look forward to bringing clarity to the U.S. code that governs the cloud," said Collins.

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